Advantages of the casino bonus

Who doesn't like a good casino bonus? We know that it is sometimes difficult to clear the bonus, but because you have more money to bet, you can play much longer. And because you can play longer, of course you have a better chance of winning. The casino bonus is therefore a great success and has a huge attraction to reach new players.


Important tips to convert your casino bonus into real money

Everyone should know these tips before you start gambling online for real money. Whether you are a novice gambler or a VIP player, with these ten tips you are guaranteed the best chance of removing the bonus. Also, after reading this article you will quickly recognize the difference between a good casino bonus and a bad bonus.

Tip 1: Check the bonus percentage and maximum amount

It is important to check the bonus percentage and maximum bonus amount. Most casinos give a 100% bonus on your first deposit. But some casinos reach 150% and even 200%. In some casinos, the maximum amount is also very different, from € 50 or € 100 to even € 200 to € 300. If you take into account both factors, you can easily decide what is the optimal first deposit.
If the bonus percentage is 100% and the maximum bonus is EUR 151, do not deposit more than EUR 151. You will then receive € 151 + € 151 = € 302 on your first deposit. If you deposit less, you will also receive less bonus. So you get a € 50 bonus if you deposit € 50 and play a total of € 100.
Remember that you can only make one first deposit. So do it right.

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Tip 2: Be careful with the small print!

Casinos sometimes use a lot of tricks that can put you at a disadvantage. Check them before making a deposit:
Is there a maximum withdrawal amount you can win for bonus money? If there is a maximum withdrawal amount, decide whether you think it is justified. For example, there are casinos that withdraw a maximum of EUR 100 in the form of bonus money. Then you play with € 200 and you only get € 100. This is obviously a bad deal. We have also removed this casino from our website. Also check that the wagering requirements only count towards bonus money. Many casinos also require you to bet the amount of real money. Of course, it's much better if you just have to clear your bonus.

Tip 3: View the terms and conditions for the use of bonus money

A critical step, which unfortunately has been forgotten by many players. You must be familiar with the terms and conditions for bonus money betting (or betting).
All casinos have a rule that bonus money must be wagered a number of times before it becomes real money (which can be withdrawn). Usually, the wagering requirement is between 30x and 50x the bonus amount. But in some casinos the amount of the bonus can be as high as 100x or even 200x, which makes it almost impossible to withdraw the bonus money. The lower the so-called bets, the better for you.